Joaquín Díaz Durán

I think art matters because it takes you from your place, twisted you in a kind of quantum leap, and returns you in appearance in the same place but not in the same way. In this way, New Media Art matters because electronic media is almost everywhere and nowadays it is the structure in which the world order stand. But this order, in my opinion, is twisted, and we need to make a lot of thinking followed by actions. New Media Art could be a way of thinking more creative this technology, that came mostly from the war industry, but could be of great good, not just of great profit.
In my artistic work and my research that is very tight, I am trying to embody in the devices and the artworks I am producing, a critical view and a critical aesthetics of new media art.


In this blog you could find the on-line version of some of my classes on digital art.

There are some tutorial, interesting resources and materials.

Take a look and keep the knowledge in movement.



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